FIRST Pro Product Features

Firefighters risk their lives every day, and you want to provide them with gear that is ready for action. FIRST Pro can help, by making sure that you’re ready for action, too. FIRST™ Pro makes your job a little easier, by helping you collect key data and streamlining your workflow so that you can run an even more efficient operation. What’s more, FIRST Pro provides you with analytic and reporting tools that enable you to provide value-added services, such as regular reminders when gear is due for cleaning or inspection.

Robust workflow management for improved efficiency

  • Flexible flow for entering work orders, whether you enter data once, twice or throughout the maintenance cycle
  • Create customizable repair codes
  • Deliver a visual detailing system for repairs
  • Customize your item tagging system
  • Reduce your reliance on paper, which can get lost
  • Track actions by user
  • Enable barcode scanning for virtually error-free data entry

Simplify data sharing with fire departments using FIRST software

  • Richer, more accurate data when both ISP and fire department share FIRST data
  • Streamlined communications with multiple fire department contacts through Notifications Portal
  • Two-way sharing of real-time and historic data on any item

Provide value-added service through data analytics

  • Track your customers’ gear that is due for cleaning/inspection
  • Give customers visibility into lifetime cost of PPE, and replenishment planning
  • Easily evaluate cost-benefit analysis of repairs based on age of the PPE

Deliver clear, detailed reports

  • Report by item, by work order summary, by tag detail, and more
  • Include details on repairs made, with location of repair marked on an image
  • Highlight condemnation notices and other notes
  • Branded with your logo and address

Easier to learn and use

  • Offers a simple, intuitive user interface
  • Easier to print reports for work orders, detailed work summaries, and more
  • Anytime/anywhere access in a secure cloud environment
  • PPE agnostic – logs data on any manufacturer brand

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

  • Automated Guided Help support on system functionalities
  • Live chat/call-in support
  • Ongoing improvements and updates

Facilitate compliance with NFPA 1851

  • Provides an audit trail in accordance with the latest standards and regulations